• Wear loose, comfortable clothing that buttons down the front.
  • Do not bring valuables with you, including jewelry.
  • Do not wear makeup.
  • A waiting room is available for your friends and relatives. Please limit the number of family/friends you bring with you. An adult must accompany children.
  • Bring your insurance cards with you.
  • Plan to be at the surgery center 3-4 hours. We make every effort to perform surgery at the scheduled time but occasionally unavoidable delays occur

PLEASE NOTE: Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Center requires all patients to be escorted home by a responsible adult after surgery. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Patients who are scheduled late in the day will be required to have their ride stay in the center during their surgery.

Upon arrival:

Please arrive at Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Center at the time requested by the staff. If you will be unable to make your appointment on time or if you need to cancel, please call the Center immediately. Your consideration will help our staff provide efficient care for everyone.​

Your procedure will be performed by your ophthalmologist in one of our operating rooms or in one of the specially equipped laser rooms. Your surgeon will determine which room is appropriate for your procedure.

Many, but not all of the procedures performed at Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Center require the use of local anesthetic injection done by a trained anesthesiologist. This injection is all that is needed to fully numb the eye for surgery. Prior to this injection you will receive a mild sedative to help make you more comfortable.